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  • SMS short love notes to impress your lover


You reflect well on me.

I can't see a future that does not include you.

I love you longer than forever

Love is like you, so sweet!!

I wanna be the reason for the smile on your face


cherish you.


I love you...
I love us.

inspire me.


adore you.


thinking of you.


I long...
to be near you.


My heart...
longs for you.


have Wowed me from the very beginning.

I love...
to hold you in my arms.

You are...
my Pearl of Great Price.

I think you are...

You make me...
a very happy man.


I love...
your tender and loving touch.


I am...
completely devoted to you.


You are...
the woman beyond my dreams.


You are...
the love of my life and the woman beyond my dreams.


You don't have to be perfect,
to be perfect for me.



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