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  • Beautiful rhymings poems about love


Love is there, love is fair
Love is just in the air!

You are so hot, it is insane
how you put the sun in shame

He*s perfect he*s Fine ,
but don't forget, he*s mine!

Its better to lose a lover ...
than to love a loser

Definition of love;

Something special between you and me...


The day is stop loving you

is the day that i close my eyes for ever


Love is love, love is true
I love you, do you love me to?


Love me for a reason.
Let the reason be love

Now that I found you
I know what I was looking for all my life

If loving you would be the same as pain,
damn I would suffer

Love is hard and will always be,
but remember somebody loves you
and that is ME!


You & Me.. to wonderland!

When the sun shines,

we'll shine together..


I just want to tell you,
that I never want to lose you
Because I love you

I love u today
I love u tomorrow
I love u forever

I love you 2-day
I love you 2-morrow
I love you 4-ever

I Love You 1 day
I Love You 2 months
I Love You 3 years
I Love You 4 ever!

I love you 2day,
I love you 2morrow,
Put it together,
I love you 4ever!



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