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When Frankenstein was just a kid,
he ate his greens. It's true. He did!
He ate his spinach, salads, peas,
asparagus, and foods like these,
and with each leaf and lima bean

he grow bigger and stronger.

My Elephant
My elephant thinks I'm wonderful.
My elephant thinks I'm cool.
My elephant hangs around with me
and follows me into school.


A Girl Named Paige
A girl named Paige came from the light
A girl so beautiful, strong and bright
A girl named Paige came to my life
When it was dark and full of strife
A little girl for me to hold
To keep me young when I am old
A girl for me to love and teach
Please never be beyond my reach


Seven Wonders of the World
I wonder why the sun is hot
I wonder why it rains a lot
I wonder why the sky is blue
I wonder why a cow goes moo
I wonder why the clouds skip by
I wonder why a bird can fly
I wonder will the lesson end
Before I'm driven round the bend.





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