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  • Words to express your love


I never knew that I had a dream,

until the day i met you.


You're the one I think about all day

I'm so happy you came in my life


What would you do when i hug you ?
What would you do when i kiss you ?
What would you do when i ask you to stay with me forever ?


I love three things:

the sun, the moon and you.

The sun for the day,

the moon for the night

and you forever!

I need a hug,

I need a touch,

I need tender,

I need a kiss,

I need you!


I don't wanna feel the way that I do,

I just wanna be right here with you,

I don't wanna see us apart,

I just wanna say straight from my hart.


love the love of my life, cause you're just perfect.
in each and every way.
you've just have my heart, baby.
i will never let you go.

Seems like yesterday
 You were in my arms
 And in a special way
 You touched my heart with all you're charms
 And there is no love leftwords begins with A B C,
 letters begins with 1 2 3,
 music begins with DO RE MI,
 but true love begins with you & me.



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