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  • Love notes from the heart


He whispered to her :
I dream always ...abaut you
I love you
The only way i could possibly ever hurt you
is by holding your hand too tight.
You're the one
i'll never give up for someone else.

Life is not always a fairy tale
and there is not always a prince
but you will stay the princess forever

I am sorry that i can't give you all you deserved
I wish I could do more for you...
I gave you the best off me...
I gave you all of me...
I hope it was good enough....
For you to MARRY ME
Baby, i just want to tell you that I love you so ..
And I hope that your answer would be 'YES'

Butterflies are hard to find
Butterflies are difficult to catch
But butterflies of you,
I always get.

I love the things,
And all the other things ,
I love you and you love me
We are friends but also in love
One thing that i can see:
You are mij boyfriend



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